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Raising Brand Awareness by Helping Others with 4ME4WE

Are You The Type Of Person Who Is Constantly Searching For Ways To Make The World A Better Place? 4ME4WE Can Help.

Make an Impact

4ME4WE is a philanthropy app designed to solve a problem that many people face:

They want to make an impact on the world and be as charitable as they can, but sometimes don’t have the money to do so or wish they could give even more.

If you have an organization you are passionate about, you probably know this feeling all too well. You see the amazing things the charity does every day and you would do anything to help raise funds to support your causes.

Choose the Charities And Your Favorite Brands Will Support Them

We created an app that gives you the power to choose your causes, and your favorite brands will support them. Let’s be clear here:

This is NOT a ‘donate a dollar’ or ‘roundup’ concept.

4ME4WE is different from most philanthropy apps because it doesn’t cost you any extra money to help your favorite causes. The businesses you shop at are choosing to give a portion of their revenue to the charities that you designate. It’s that simple.

Create Awareness About the Causes You Care About

When you make a purchase at a 4ME4WE brand, you have the ability to easily share how your purchase helped the charities you are passionate about on social media. This allows you to get your friends involved, supporting the brand and extending the impact of your charitable actions to others. Our hope is that as people share their charitable actions on social media, it creates a ripple effect and motivates generosity in others as well.

“I would love to be able to shop and know that a portion of my shopping dollars was automatically going to the charities I care about. Nothing would make me happier about shopping at a place and I always patronize the businesses that support TH.”

– Lisa Thess, Volunteer at TREE House of Greater St. Louis

So How Does it Work?

Steps to using your app.

Download the 4ME4WE App

Once you download the app, you can create an account and choose to connect your social media profiles right away or sign up without them.

Select Your Charities

Choose one or two charities that you would like your purchases to impact.

Make Purchases at 4ME4WE Brands

Within the app, you will be able to see 4ME4WE brands who have committed to giving a portion of their revenue to the charities of your choice. The more your purchase at those specific brands, the bigger impact you are making on the charities you care about.

Scan Your Receipt

When you receive your receipt upon purchase at a 4ME4WE brand, it will have a special QR code. Simply scan the QR code and a portion of the brand’s revenue will be automatically donated to the charities of your choice. It’s that easy!

Spread the Word on Social Media

As a bonus, we added the capability to easily share the impact of your purchase on social media. You will be prompted to share after you scan your receipt. Start showing your friends and family how you are making the world a better place by using 4ME4WE!