4ME4WE Featured Charity: TREE House of Greater St. Louis

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4ME4WE allows volunteers to go beyond assisting in day-to-day operations by giving them the power to help the causes they are passionate about with every day transactions.

TREE House of Greater St. Louis is only one local charity who could benefit from 4ME4WE. This is their story.

“Trying to get donations and keep our costs low is definitely a very difficult thing that we have to work through. Getting new donations all the time is hard, so an app that could help that would be amazing.”

– Holly Franer, Supervising Therapist and Camp Director at TREE House of Greater St. Louis

“I would love to be able to shop and know that a portion of my shopping dollars was automatically coming to TH. Nothing would make me happier about shopping at a place and I always patronize the businesses that support TH.”
-Lisa Thess, Volunteer at TREE House of Greater St. Louis 

Sandy Rafferty founded TREE House of Greater St. Louis (formerly known as Therapeutic Horsemanship) in 1975 as a therapeutic riding center with the goal of creating a welcoming place for people with disabilities to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Hippo-therapy, also known as equine-assisted therapy, helps individuals with physical disabilities to improve core strength, flexibility, and balance. Individuals are also able to improve motor coordination and self-care skills when they tack, groom, and feed the horses during the therapy sessions.

The benefits of hippo-therapy are not only physical for clients. The volunteers at TREE House describe the joy they see in children and adults when they interact with horses. The positive bond that develops between the horse and rider often results in increased client self-esteem and confidence.

While this treatment strategy is extremely effective for individuals with disabilities, horses are extremely expensive to take care of. Tree House is dependent on a dedicated force of volunteers for its day-to-day operations, but sometimes it is not enough. Trying to raise funds to keep the organization going is a constant battle.

4ME4WE helps charities like TREE House of Greater St. Louis by giving individuals the power to support the charities that they are passionate about through everyday transactions. Here’s how it works:
First, you download the app and select the charities you would like to support with your purchases. Then you shop at 4ME4WE eligible brands who have agreed to give a percentage of their profits to a charity of your choice. After you have made a purchase from the brand, you scan a QR code on your receipt with the 4ME4WE app and a portion of your purchase will automatically go to your designated charities. It’s that simple!


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