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Research shows customers will do business with one brand versus the competition for philanthropic reasons.


Put the power of Giving into your customer’s hands and benefit from social-local-mobile marketing at the same time. It’s a great win-win.

How It Works:

First, sign up as a supported 4ME4WE location and designate your giving percentage. Your store will show up on the 4ME4WE map, notifying users that your brand is an eligible “Giving by Living” location.

Once a 4ME4WE user shops, their payment will be processed through the system and a few things happen:

  1. The purchase is registered in the 4ME4WE system, designating your selected portion of proceeds to the charity of the user’s choice.
  2. A post is made to the customer’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) for their connections to see, noting that they just made a purchase at your location, and supported a charity. As a brand, you have the ability to customize this message and even promote limited-time offers.
  3. Review aggregated customer information over time, gaining a better understanding of your customers’ demographic, interests, and charitable giving preferences.

Marketing Benefit for Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we integrate 4ME4WE into our current POS system?

4ME4WE seamlessly ties into your existing POS system, customers simply have to take an image of their receipt to activate their donation. Giving happens automatically when 4ME4WE customers pay using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Pay Pass, Soft Card, and other NFC payment options and we are rolling out full integration with the Clover POS system this year. Additionally, 4ME4WE works with major rewards cards too, making the integration easier than ever.

Can I choose which charities I support?

Yes, as a brand you can select charities that you do not wish to support. Consumers are asked to select multiple charities, so if one of their chosen charities isn’t supported by your brand, their other charity of choice will be the beneficiary.

What is the benefit of the social media “push” on the customer’s account?

The post promotes your business to the customer’s followers, linking to your company’s Facebook page and encouraging them to like your page as well. It’s a great example of the “network effect” in motion.

Can I update the automatic “push” post on the shopper’s social media account?

Yes! You can update it as often as you like with limited-time-offers, different images and headlines, or whatever you’d like! It’s your space and we encourage brands to see what works.

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