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Give to your favorite charities, automatically while you shop.


Philanthropy shouldn’t be relegated to a once a year donation. Download 4ME4WE and start Giving by Living.

How it Works for Customers:

First, download the 4ME4WE app and complete your profile.

  1. Select the charities you would like to support in the app. You can choose up to two charities and designate which percentage you would like to give to each (50/50 or any other combination you determine).
  2. Before you shop, find a 4ME4WE eligible brand or store using the platform.
  3. After shopping, we make it easy to share information about the brands and charities you support with your network. Tell your friends and watch your charities benefit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join 4ME4WE?

It’s easy! Simply download the app, complete your profile, select the charities you’d like to support and then shop at a store in the 4ME4WE network. Your donations will be triggered either by the frequent shopper card usage or by scanning the receipt to register your purchase. Then, the charity you selected with benefit! It’s really that easy.

Can I tell my favorite charity to join?

Of course. Simply forward the 4ME4WE website to them and tell them to register as a Charity. We’ll get them setup in the system and you can then select them as your charitable recipient.

Is my data secure?

Yes! Our platform uses secure database technology that ensures your personal information is safe.

Do I have to post about my purchase/donation on my social media accounts?

No. You have the ability to skip the “share” step, but we encourage you not to! This step is a great way to make sure your friends are aware of the charities you support and it’s a way to get others engaged in philanthropy too.

Ready to join the 4ME4WE network?